360° Feedback

360º Feedback is an efficient and systematic personal development instrument that focuses on behaviour in the workplace, i.e. the specific skills and competences.
Why 360º Feedback? The client is the focal point of our approach: for example, we can apply your competency model, including assessment/evaluation charts, in our 360º Feedback.

Assessment Systems 360 Feedback


Along with the assessment of competencies, the assessor is free to write down what the assessed person should continue pursuing and what they should terminate, and what they should start pursuing  

360° Feedback gives an overview of reliable information from several assessors and transforms subjective opinion into objective advice 

Personalised feedback given by our experienced consultants, psychologists  



Flexible – transfer and map your competency models 

Fast and easy to use – online filling out, interface, easy to use, evaluate and report  

Multidimensional – supervisors, colleagues, subordinates, internal/external clients, and self-assessment  

Personalised – a written report and individual feedback session for each participant 


Benefits to your organisation  

Identify important areas for further development of employees  

Map your workforce skills and make the work more efficient in order to get the upper hand on your competition  

Improve the reputation of the positions that were assessed and of your company  


Example of Assessment Systems 360 report 

LVI 360 Feedback

LVI will allow managers to get a clear feedback about the quality of management from their superiors, colleagues, subordinates, and based on own perception. LVI is not just a simple 360 model – it is a patented method that is used to achieve better results through leadership.

Innovative features of LVI 360 Feedback

Evaluation chart that recognizes the instance when “strengths become weaknesses” if they are overused    

Describes the tension and relinquishing of one quality over the other making it clearly visible why leadership is a balanced term  

This is an integrative concept defined as the ability to master the opposing forces so that a leader can handle paradoxical situations and rapid changes  

Combines quantitative evaluation and quality formulated feedback that communicate a clear message about the required change 

This development tool combines the recommendations for an “external” change of a leader’s behaviour, and an “internal” change in the mental attitude    

LVI has published studies that demonstrate reliability and validity in predicting employee engagement, team efficiency and effectiveness 

Example of LVI 360 report 



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