Assessment Centre

This is a one- or several-day process that is designed according to the needs and requirements of the companies-clients, and the candidates participate in different group and individual activities (case studies, solving problems, roleplay, etc.) during which they demonstrate the competencies that are required for success in a certain job or at a certain position in the company. 

What is the role of the Assessment and Development Centre?

Recruitment of the most suitable candidate for the job,

Assessment of employees recognised as showing considerable potential and talent,

Defining individual development plans   

Career management and promotion to senior positions,

Change of position within an organisation   

Manager competency assessment   

The LQ approach  

  • Partnership: we are partners to our clients and we monitor theirs needs during the entire process – defining the requirements for specific jobs or positions, in cooperation with the client we implement the activities of the Assessment Centre, we train internal assessors who participate in the carrying out of activities, we assist in the preparation of individual development plans


  • Adapting to the client – designing the tasks and activities of the Assessment and Development Centre in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of the client, with the aim of covering the most competencies that are required for successfully performing a job or occupying a certain position. We create a situational and problem environment that authentically mimics all work demands


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