Hogan Assessment Certification Training

Hogan Assessment Training allows the participants to really learn and understand the method of using and interpreting the Hogan Tools Inventory, detecting talents, weaknesses and strengths of potential candidates.


Hogan assessment reports are used by the leading companies in order to: 

Recruit suitable people, assign them to adequate jobs or guide their career in the right direction

Identify and develop talented people and leaders  

Improve relationships with clients, reduce the outflow of workforce, absenteeism, and other counterproductive repercussions. 


Content of the certification training  

The Hogan Assessment Certification Training comprises the theoretical and practical part that are designed so as to allow the participants to examine:

What is personality and why is it important for development and selection?

The “bright” and “dark” personality traits

Interpretation of the results of HOGAN assessment

Practical application of HOGAN assessment in the HR processes  

Providing feedback and making development recommendations  

Relationships among all three Hogan tools (HPI, HDS, MVPI)

The training improves interpretation skills of each attendee through complex case studies, applied feedback meetings, and coaching.

Attendees will perform detailed interpretations and analyses of assessment results. 

Attendees will provide comprehensive feedback about the results of HPI, HDS and MVPI in the group and face-to-face environment. 

Attendees will be presented with the most efficient assessment and interpretation methods. 

Attendees who successfully complete training and home assignments after the training are awarded the certificate allowing them to use Hogan tools. 


 Training is intended for 

Managers and team leaders    

HR managers

HR consultants

Organisational psychologists   

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