Individual coaching for experienced managers


Sometimes it is very obvious that managers, regardless of their experience and years of service, do not perform their tasks equally well. They have an inclination to some tasks, while some they perform perfunctorily, or even avoid them. One of the most widely known distribution of managers is to the ones that are more task-oriented, and those who are more oriented to the people and their development. In the long term, a successful manager is oriented to both people and tasks, and (s)he is skilled in creating a balance in the complex day-to-day business environment. 

Companies nowadays are, either directly or indirectly, increasingly looking for the management that is constantly developing in both essentially inseparable fields: personal and professional. In general, it is expected that senior management becomes more and more flexible in managing the staff and communicating with the top management and owners. On the other hand, it is also expected that they should display a higher level of self-management and development of internal leadership potential. 

It is precisely the process of individual coaching that gives the best results and harmonizes both these fields.

Some of the topics and goals within the framework of individual coaching processes include: 

Improving one’s impact  

Advanced people management skills 

Personal motivation and purpose  

Higher level of conflict management  

Creating highly efficient teams  

Becoming aware of own strengths and certain traits that need development  

Stress management   

The balance between professional and personal life 

Developing creativity    

Strategic and visionary thinking  

Personality and style of leadership 

Higher level of awareness and contribution 

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