Introducing mentoring culture

Mentoring is becoming an irreplaceable approach to the development of organisations, as well as to the personal development that consequently affects the bigger picture. Mentoring provides support to more significant changes in the knowledge, work, or thinking of people, and as such facilitates individuals, teams, and organisations to face the important challenges.


  • Establish a partnership in the preparation and implementation of the project: “Introduction of Mentoring”  
  • Education of HR departments about Mentoring, mentoring models, and mentoring practice  
  • Provide consultant services at project start up 
  • Carry out training for the target groups (Mentor/Mentee)
  • Continuously participate in the project through monitoring, support, coaching and mentoring of the target groups 
  • Evaluate the achievements of the project after six (6) months 


  • What is mentoring
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee  
  • Basic rules (including  confidentiality) and expectations management  
  • How to develop relationships over time  
  • How to moderate mentoring conversations  
  • Listening and questioning skills 
  • What to do if the relationship is not working out  
  • Different techniques and tools for a quality relationship and dialogue with the mentee  


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