Manager/Leader development

The purpose of the Internal Leadership Academy is the standardisation and acquisition of basic or advanced managerial and leadership skills. The modules are combined and arranged in accordance with the requirements of an organisation. 



Co-creation: The basic methodology LQ uses in training is that LQ DOES NOT instruct people. We believe in co-creation, meaning that our training sessions look like highly interactive workshops where the participants are challenged together with LQ as facilitator, to create the content on a certain topic. Our exercises and exceptional facilitators make the workshops and topics memorable, while the decisions and the acquired knowledge can actually be used in practice.


Digital solutions: The entire programme can be implemented using digital solutions. This 100% digital methodology is used in the situations where it is necessary to build competences for a large number of managers, when they are scattered in different locations globally, or when operationally it is not possible to have the managers attend the conventional "face-to-face" training. Our Crossknowledge digital solutions ensure the people’s genuine commitment because they combine the short, interactive and gamified content.

Blended solutions: These solutions imply the combination of "face-to-face" training and digital solutions. Based on our experience, this is the most efficient form of competence building because it combines the best of both worlds, digital and physical. 

Board games: The best way to learn is through play! Learning maps provide highly flexible and fun solutions for transmitting or distinguishing important information. These games can last from 90 minutes up to a whole day. You can use board games with all employees, from top management to the frontline staff.

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