Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching

You are an accomplished manager, trainer or consultant who wishes to enhance her/his professional experience with coaching skills? 
As an experienced professional who communicates with people on a daily basis trying to get the best out of them, perhaps you have already realised that communication is one of your strong suits that you wish to improve further? Or do you believe that you lack and need some new skills? Or are you already pursuing coaching, but you wish to learn how to use it with persons occupying senior managerial positions? AoEC Practitioner Programme will train you to achieve each of the above goals.

Become an accredited coach! 

Beginnings – Client involvement   


Client, coach and sponsor: contracting 

Defining the client’s development goals using the basic coaching principles  

Developing listening skills and the skills of asking questions, starting personal coaching model development  

Creating a clearer image of own comprehension of ethical principles and professional standards in coaching  

Establishing the relationship with other coaches for the purpose of promoting coaching as an activity   

Middles – comprehension and reinforcement 


Using creative techniques in coaching  

An assessment of development and emotional requirements of your client  

Defining the boundaries of your coaching practice 

Exploring the nature of personal and professional change  

Recognizing the importance of direct and tactful communication and its impact on the results of the coaching process

Regular client – sponsor meetings  

Evaluation of results and finishing the coaching process


Impact of own business experiences on creating one’s coaching style 

Coaching in an organisational context   

Providing feedback to the client and the method used to comply with information confidentiality    

Importance of ethics in coaching   

“Closure psychology” management enabling a quality conclusion of the coaching process 

Endings - “Assessment Day”

Presenting your unique coaching practice 

Handing in an essay on the topic of “My coaching model” 

Reflecting on own understanding of Executive Coaching 

Coaching demonstration + feedback

Assessment of the acquired knowledge and skills  

Recommendations for further development and  conclusion 


The programme will enable the participants 


To establish a strong professional relationship with the client, full of trust, respect, and developing rapport 

To use the coaching skills that stimulate the client’s awareness process, empower her/him for greatbusiness undertakings, and facilitate their communication and management of others 

To adjust the coaching process with the corporate and organisational culture  

To successfully complete the coaching process which surpasses the expectations of both the client and sponsor   

Certificate: Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching 



AoEC Programme has been recognized and accredited by international organisations:

Middlesex University 

European Mentoring and Coaching Council

ICF – provides 60 accredited coach training hours (ACSTH) 

Academy of Executive Coaching is the most respected organisation for training and certification of Executive Coaches in the world, recognized by two of the largest international associations: ICF (International Coaching Federation) and EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). The seat of the Academy is in London, and cooperation with LQ, an official partner for Croatia, has been ongoing for a number of years.



The AoEC programme has been recognised and accredited by international organisations:

  • Middlesex University
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • ICF – provides 60 accredited coach training hours (ACSTH) 
The Academy of Executive Coaching is the most respected Executive Coach education and certification organization in the world, recognized by two of the world's largest associations: the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and the EMCC (European Mentoring and Counching Council). The Academy has its headquarters in London, and has been working with LQ, the official partner for Croatia, for many years.
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