Sales and Negotiations Academy

LQ Sales and Negotiation Academy is an up-to-date programme for the development of skills required to achieve better sales results and better outcomes of negotiations. It is intended for all sales and marketing specialists who sell products, ideas and solutions, as well as for all those who wish to reach the best solutions in negotiations.

Trainer Domagoj Lipošinović combines abundant experience in sales in leading global companies with the  coaching approach to training, thus allowing the participants to learn from experience. 

1. Sales skills    

In Module 1, the candidates will learn about the difference between sales and negotiations, they will master all the phases of the sales process, and they will learn to handle the processes in sales management with a view to increasing turnover and profitability.


·     Personality types in sales  

·     7 steps of the sales process 

·     NLP in sales

·     Sales funnel: Analysing the customers’ needs 

·     How to increase sales: Cross-selling and up-selling

·     Processes in sales management 


2. Strong sales pitch skills   

In Module 2, the candidates will acquire the skills of connecting to the audience quickly, structuring a strong sales pitch, and using a powerful language pattern to transmit the key messages.


·     Elevator pitch: the technique of a rapid and strong presentation   

·     Sales pitch structure (the 4-MAT system)

·     Nonverbal communication in sales pitch 

·     Defining and transmitting the key message

•   Enquiries and complaints management  


3. Negotiation skills 

In Module 3, the candidates will participate in the authentic business cases, improve their negotiation skills, and learn to achieve better outcomes using advanced negotiation principles.


The 5P Negotiation Model  

The most commonly used negotiation strategies and techniques  

4 types of personality in negotiations  

Concession/compromise management   

The Harvard Negotiation Model  

Conscious and unconscious processes in negotiations    


4. Integration and certification 

 In Module 4, the candidates will participate in business case studies and practise in order to perfect and integrate the knowledge acquired in the previous modules, and by solving the final personalised task they will fulfil the conditions for the LQ Sales and Negotiation Certificate.


A case study  of negotiations  

Role play Sales pitch and Negotiations  

Individual feedback for each participant  

Personal development plan   


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